Believe: is all about mindset and self-belief.

Have you reached your intellectual and emotional ceiling or do you believe there’s so much more to learn?

Are you open to challenging the beliefs you’ve always held about yourself in order to change your results for the better?

Do you believe that success is a feeling that is we are all entitled to?

Maybe your mindset feels stuck by external factors; my employer, my partner, my friends etc. Your beliefs about yourself limit you.

Life just ‘is what it is’, right?

Wrong! The good news is that mindset is malleable and self-belief is flexible – and re-shaping them changes our outcomes

The first step is to acknowledge what it is you TRULY want from life. Ask yourself this:

If there were no boundaries, what would my ‘gift to the world’ be?

And now:

What would I choose to do in life if I knew I couldn’t fail?

And finally:

What’s important about success for me?

Answering these questions starts your journey to finding your purpose; and when you know your purpose your mindset and self-belief get ready to come on the journey of fulfilment with you

Breathe: naturally we all do it, but how aware are you of how your breathing affects your state?

In order to fulfil our purpose, we must choose the state that best supports us.

Yes, state is a choice we all have and the choices we make can significantly change our outcomes.

Many factors influence our state choices, our body language, our internal dialogue and the words we use outwardly. Small changes in breathing lead to state change and small changes in state can have a profound effect on our results.

Ask yourself this:

How often do I pay attention to my breathing and my body language throughout the day?

And now:

How would I describe my state right at this moment?

And finally:

What words do I use when I describe myself to others?

Answering these questions is the first step in heightened awareness of self. Becoming more conscious of how we breathe will start your journey of mindful living and allow you to be more at choice with your emotions.

Achieve: believing and breathing are the foundations of a journey towards fulfilment, but it is the actions we take subsequently that significantly change our outcomes.

Achieve is all about putting the right processes in place, prioritising and mapping our actions. Ensuring the sacrifices we make in order to feel fulfilled align with others in our lives; our families, our colleagues, our friends.

It’s about the small steps that take us towards fulfilment. What do you choose to do today in order to achieve fulfilment tomorrow?

Life isn’t always smooth so Achieve also recognises the importance of assessing risks and blockers that hinder our journey to fulfilment, before they happen. Doing so equips us to focus on positive actions whilst exploring solutions.

Ask yourself this:

What is my goal, just for today?

And then:

What sacrifices am I prepared to make in order to achieve my goals?

And finally:

Who do I need to involve in my journey to ensure I remain committed to fulfilment?

Answering these questions create an initial action framework, one that is uniquely yours. A framework that ignites the spark within you and holds your hand as you take your first step to fulfilment; one day at a time

One final question to ask yourself:

What would be different in my life now if I’d already started this process?

I know, profound isn’t it?

Find your purpose and make your impact.